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The autoclave treatment is used to protect the wood from external aggressions.
The wood is exposed under certain conditions of use, such as a terrace or cladding. This treatment increases the durability of the wood for up to several decades.

The autoclave is a large pressurized tunnel where a preservative is injected. An air vacuum cycle is established in order to remove a remainder of water and to open the fibers of the wood, the tunnel is then filled by depression and the wood begins to absorb, once the equipment is filled, a booster takes the relay to increase the pressure between 11 and 12 bars in order to inject the maximum amount of preservative.

A final vacuum cycle is established to remove the remaining product.

traitement bois autoclave classe 3 et classe 4

A period of 7 to 15 days depending on the season is recommended to stabilize the product and wipe the wood.

Class III type treatment for wood in contact with water such as cladding

Class IV type treatment for wood soaked in water, such as posts or decking.

The treatment carried out at Atout Bois does not contain boron, an additional brown dye makes it possible to have wood ready to install without the need for saturator or stain immediately.

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